priority #1 – Build a team

My number one partnership priority is to build a team of dedicated people committed to improving their own lives and positively influencing those around them. I am seeking sincere individuals, altruistic organizations and helpful businesses that are willing to provide genuine contributions to this team building effort. If your insight, education, experience, efforts, services or capability can contribute to improving the health of others then let me know!


Tapping into the powerful and still rapidly expanding global connectivity of social media is a fast and effective way to grow a team. I am always open to collaboration ideas with those working to grow their social media presence. Those passionate about helping others, supporting veterans and first responders, promoting a healthy lifestyle, providing meals and recipe ideas, educating, motivating others to be more fit, sharing the world through photography and just delivering genuine inspiration are some of the people I am looking to collaborate with. If you would like to share our Facebook, Instagram or other social media content together in an effort to educate, help and inspire others then send me a message (email or contact me on Facebook/Instagram). I have experience contributing information, research and advice in larger Facebook groups and would love to help out those communities as well. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram and let’s work together!

The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.
Coretta scott king

altruistic organizations

Supporting causes through charitable action can positively impact your own life and have reverberating effects on those around you. I am seeking partnerships with non-profit and charity based organizations raising awareness on issues that can make our world more healthy. I am particularly passionate about helping veterans and first responders with efforts to address suicide prevention, PTSD treatment, transitioning services, mental resiliency and physical recovery. I believe in veterans supporting veterans and who else better to bring awareness to the unique challenges that our brave citizen soldiers and selfless first responders face? Organizations that work to support and raise money for cancer research, depression and anxiety coping skills, tobacco control, and drug addiction recovery/prevention are other specific focus areas of mine. If you are a non-profit entity or charity that is helping to promote exercise, healthy eating and/or stress management then you have my attention. If this awareness can be done through physical activity…then bonus!


I want to encourage visitors to my website and those following me on social media to invest into veteran operated businesses that promote a healthy lifestyle. Supporting the unique drive and passion of these warriors in their efforts to manage a business is just a small way to thank them for their service and sacrifice. Purchasing from veteran owned businesses isn’t just about patriotism but also is a vote of confidence in their deliverance of quality services or products in a responsible and timely manner. If your business is veteran owned or employs a large amount of veterans and delivers a health related product/service then lets talk.