The Keto Way of Eating (WOE) is reemerging with growing popularity as an effective and powerful lifestyle optimization choice for those wanting to lose weight, prevent diabetes, increase physical performance, amplify cognitive levels, reduce inflammation, facilitate cancer treatments, slow down the aging process and much more! The science and research behind this lifestyle is exciting and convincing while a growing list of benefits are still being discovered. The Keto WOE has personally impacted my own life and those within my family, circle of closest friends and comrades within the military. It has time after time proven its effectiveness amongst the hundreds of people I have had the chance to help, inspire and watch improve their lives with keto. These are people I have met with so many different backgrounds, challenges, accomplishments, ages, and unique goals. I look forward to sharing more of my research and experiences but most importantly doing my best to relay the inspirational stories of others whose lives have been forever changed by the Keto Lifestyle.

The known scientific benefits of this high fat, moderate protein and low carb way of eating can be traced back to its well documented use to treat pediatric epilepsy patients in the 1920s. Carb restricted diets were proven successful throughout the 20th century and not just for weight loss. However, starting in the 1950s, the voices who decided to demonize fat and transform nutritional guidelines that promoted low fat and high carb intake overshadowed the research suggesting this was not the most healthy way to eat. So as Americans were encouraged to limit fat and eat more carbs obesity rates dramatically inclined while we were all led to believe that fat was bad for us. The studies used to determine today’s nutritional guidelines and the American Heart Association’s view of saturated fat were based on selective correlation, not causation. They got it wrong but the government and a tremendously powerful and lucrative food industry ran with it and we are still paying the price today. There exists one obvious and telling fact about saturated fat and that is science has never proven that eating fat is the main cause for heart disease or obesity. 

One of my RIP’D RANGER objectives is to educate others and I am passionate about spreading the truth about the Keto Lifestyle and the benefits it can provide. I hope you find my Keto Nutrition and Research articles helpful. Please share and help get the word out to others whose lives may be forever changed by simply reevaluating the way we view food and how we eat it.

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