Father, Veteran, Fitness Advocate

Thanks for visiting the RIP’D RANGER Blog and Website. My name is Rich and I am a proud father, veteran and former U.S. Army Ranger passionate about inspiring others whom want to optimize their lifestyle. I truly believe that fitness saves lives.  I have seen first hand and personally experienced the impacts of how lifestyle choices and behaviors can lead to death or survival – success or failure -and overall good or poor health – both in combat and in everyday life. I am passionate about helping others and wholeheartedly believe that positive influence extends from personal health choices and commitment. Respecting your own body, mind and overall health allows you to love and help others better.

My mission is simple: Inspire others to optimize their lifestyles.

My vision is: Build and lead a growing team of dedicated people who are selflessly committed to improving their own lives, those they love and the communities in which they conduct their livelihood.

I have three objectives:
1. Educate utilizing a RIP’D approach (Researched, Individualized, Performance-Based, Desired).
2. Lead and Inspire through Action.
3. Support my Family, Community, and Country.

Our minds and bodies have incredible potential that we all too often never even realize exists and therefore never find ways to tap into. I believe that the fundamental components of a healthy lifestyle are the decisions we make about how we eat, exercise, sleep and manage the stress that impacts each one of us differently.  These decisions impact every aspect of our livelihood and not only correspond to optimal physiological functionality of our bodies but also influence how we love and treat others, achieve resiliency, gain perspective, build understanding and become productive members of the world we are fortunate to be a part of. They build self-confidence that extends into our relationships and our ability to be successful human beings full of meaning and a sense of self-worth. How we manage stress can define our lifestyles either through extremely limiting our overall health potential or allowing it to be maximized. I want to share what I have learned throughout my lifelong journey of discovering ways to optimize who I am as an adult, parent, friend and military leader. I haven’t always gotten it right and have made my fair share of mistakes but through resiliency and commitment to my body I have progressed from extremely challenging and dark times in both my personal and professional life. It hurts me to see so many of my fellow citizens and worldwide friends living unhealthy lives either because of bad decisions, lack of education or an inability to recover from personal low points when life just knocks you down. As a proud American I want to improve the overall health of our nation because our survival and future generations depend on it.

The lifestyle we choose to live not only reflects who we are as individuals but also indicates how we selflessly feel about our loved ones, our communities and the world in which we all collectively belong.

I feel compelled to continue to educate and train myself so I can help others. I want to offer honest, non-market (product) influenced and well-researched information. I desire to share what I have learned while my mind and body have performed under intense and stressful conditions throughout my military career. I want to share how I have managed the stress of a military career with the personal hardships and successes within my personal life. I feel like I owe insider information on how I have succeeded at maintaining a strong fitness regime over the past two decades. This RIP’D RANGER endeavor is my attempt to give back to the people, communities and the nation that I love.

I look forward to you being part of the RIP’D RANGER Team and joining forces to create a better lifestyle and a better world! Your feedback and suggestions are extremely valuable and I look forward to sharing ideas, recommendations and inspiration.